Scherdt Farm

About Vendor:

Scherdt Farm is a 4th generation, family owned farmstead in Dexter, MI. Since taking over the family farmstead in 2017 it has been our families' goal to restore the family farm business and bring the property back to life. Sisters-in-law, Kim and Sarah, took charge of Kim's flower farming idea, and started growing cut flowers in 2019. We realized quickly, during that 1st season, that growing truly is a labor of love.

While flowers are still our number one product, we've since added seasonal produce, eggs, spring veggie starts, stationary, and freezer beef to our repertoire.

We're excited to be participating in this community market and will be bringing fresh evergreen products, dried flower products, homemade Graham crackers & Scherdt Farm merch to the 2022-23 Winter Farmers Market.

We are Scherdt Farm; one farmstead, two households & one family.

Products Offered

  • Fresh Evergreen
  • Dried Flower
  • Homemade Graham Crackers
  • Scherdt Farm Merchandise