Juice Plus + Company

About Vendor:

Juice Plus + is for those interested in prevention and better health. It provides a simple, convenient and affordable way to get concentrated micronutrients to bridge the gap between what you should eat and what you do eat. This is not isolated vitamins but WHOLE FOOD from 17-28 fruits, grains and vegetables, a salad bar, if you will, in capsules or chewables. Macronutrients can be added from the Complete smoothie mix and/or protein bars. These products have different whole foods to “complete” your healthy diet journey. Juice Plus is free for children from 4 to full time college for 4 years (with an adult order). It addition, the Juice Plus + company offers the Tower Garden, an aeroponic/hydroponic way to grow your own garden on your deck, patio or in your kitchen!

Products Offered

  • Juice Plus capsules or chewables (orchard and garden blends)
  • Vineyard Blend (capsule or chewable)
  • Complete, chocolate or vanilla smoothie mix
  • Complete protein bars (spiced apple and raisin or cranberry)